Discover Student Credit Card

Do you remember your college days? Remember you were likely young and naive in comparison to how you are now? As a college student, it just seems like the whole world is your oyster and it can become quite difficult to stay focused on things on your own for the first time in your life. This is why it's kind of hard to suggest a credit card, even one as cool as the Discover Student Credit Card for a college student. A college student with a credit card? Did you take something for that headache yet? Even still, hopefully you or the college student you are thinking about right now can be responsible enough to handle the Discover Student Credit Card or any other card for that matter. The fact that they will start them off with the zero interest for six months should be enough time to prepare for any potential headache you will have later on.

The Discover Student Credit Card doesn't seem like the best idea in the entire world but it is a pretty good one to say the least. As with any good deal it at least deserves a look into what is involved with the Discover Student Credit Card. We already know there's no annual fee, and that you will have that six month period of no headache in the beginning. What about the rest of the details though? With the Discover Student Credit Card comes Discover's basic cash back program which offers 3% on the purchases made. Also, every quarter they will provide a list of retailers that you will gain 5% cash back if you spend with in that quarter. You can also redeem the rewards you gain for cash or even gift cards. The only thing that seems to kind of suck is that you can't really transfer those balances into your accounts.

What does make this card really cool is the fact that students can be able to earn rewards just for using the card whenever they buy just ordinary things in their college experience. If the student really does prove to be financially responsible, then you also have the added benefit of starting really early with building their credit history which will give them an incredible start in their adult life after college. Making sure the monthly payments are met will always bring much greater rewards that surpass the card itself.

To add to all of this, They also do have some platinum advantages that can really make the use of the Discover Student Credit Card a whole lot more secure. As we all know, the best thing about cards a lot of the time isn't the benefits or anything other than the concern of whether our card and account will be secure. There are very many people in life that are waiting to steal someone’s information unfortunately. Because of this reality, it is a growing concern that everyone is wanting to know above all whether their account information can be protected and if so, what are the security measures offered.